Case studies

ER Information Systems has a very varied selection of clients and has acquired experience by performing projects for multiple vertical markets. We are confident that we can help your company to overcome its challenges in IT.

Through these case studies, you will be able to observe how ERIS has assisted its clients in the specific areas listed below.

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Email Filtering

Title: Effective email filtering that makes a difference
About: Free up your server, gain flexibility and save money by moving your email filter to the Cloud.
Client: Martins Properties

Case study: Email filtering [Martins Properties]

Hosted Exchange

Title: More functionality, less hassle
About:Integrate your team through a friendly interface and save time and money in managing your email solution.
Client: King’s Road Sporting Club

Case study: Hosted Exchange [KRSC]

Disaster Recovery

Title: Prevent against financial losses
About: Can your company afford several days of non-productivity? Whether it is a catastrophic failure in workstations, servers or your whole office, a DR solution can dramatically reduce the time your company would take to get up and running again.
Client: Anonymous

Case study: Disaster Recovery [Private Equity company]


Title: Virtualisation: modern IT for company growth
About: A virtual model allows the creation of several servers on just one physical machine. It saves money and makes it easier and cheaper to scale.
Client: Polish European Media (PEM)

Case study: Virtualisation [Polish European Media]


Note: More case studies will be made available soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to request a case study about a specific service, please contact us at [email protected].