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Company Statements

Our vision

  • To demystify technology for SMEs and to become our clients’ trusted adviser.

Our mission

  • To listen, understand the requirement and provide carefully considered solutions.
  • To make IT be cost-effective, save our clients’ time and help their business grow.

Our values

Quality We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide a top-class service.
Courtesy We are always friendly and helpful towards our clients, suppliers and colleagues.
Partnership We act on your best interest. We propose only services that we believe will meet our clients’ technical requirements, budgets and timescales.
Responsibility We take ownership of our clients’ problems and deliver solutions.



ER Information Systems has evolved from Rabbit Consultancy Services, owned by the IT consultant Andy Knap. Together with help and close collaboration from other small specialist consultancy companies, ER Information Systems has expanded its portfolio of services, which now features additional Cloud Computing solutions.

Director Andy Knap has ensured that his strong background in Consultancy and Support has benefited all areas of the new business, keeping the same focus on quality and customer service. Our client-focused approach is what clearly differentiates our company from its competitors, who are often driven by quantity instead of quality. Your business will notice the difference in the service from the very first contact!

Our company is passionate about IT. We find it personally rewarding to make our customers happy and more productive. We are looking forward to helping your business.

Our People

Andy Knap

Andy has amassed almost 30 years of experience in IT. During the most recent 15 years of his career, he has been providing consultancy services to small and medium companies. Andy has solid experience in business systems and data architecture as well as in the implementation of disaster recovery and virtualisation solutions. He has been successfully managing multiple projects and programmes for his clients that frequently require him to manage multisite and multinational infrastructures.

He has a strong educational background, with a BSc in Physics and MSc in Electronics. As well as being a highly qualified technical professional, Andy has a strategic vision of business operations and has provided many companies with advice on how technology can support their activities and help them become more productive. His advice has included the implementation of resilient IT platforms and instigation of more robust back office processes, capacity planning and technical and business impact assessments of new technologies.

Andy has a natural ability in dealing with people. He is able to provide professional and friendly support for non-technical personnel as well as incisive technical support for in-house IT teams. He has also talent in training and leading teams, especially through periods of change.

At ER Information Systems, Andy is responsible for managing our talented team delivering hosted services, support services and consultancy to end user clients. Moreover, he liaises with major vendors establishing partnerships and securing great deals for our customers.


We are searching for talent!

We are looking for people that are as passionate about IT as we are. We need professionals that are not only technically qualified but that have strong customer service skills. Our workplace is dynamic and therefore a perfect fit for people that can juggle multiple activities without losing their track and sense of humour.

We offer a friendly work environment, where you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and make things happen.

If you would like to join our team, please keep checking Careers. We will post any vacancies as soon as they are available.

Company Statements History Our People Careers