Disaster recovery

A disaster which affected the office or systems would mean the end for most small and medium companies as traditionally such companies do not invest much in protection. Without a plan, it is nearly impossible for SMEs to cope with the consequences of losing all their data or the costs of rebuilding it all up from the ground.

You can however easily guarantee that this will not happen to your company. Our IT Disaster Recovery plan is an affordable preventive service to allow business continuity in case your office or your computer network is compromised. It will minimise downtime in case of an emergency and guarantee that your business will not stop running.

Every company is different in the way it is run and in the way it uses technology to function. Our first step is to get to know your business and what is essential to keep it running. This will allow us to develop a bespoke solution. After defining the key features of your IT infrastructure, we can then put in place a range of preventive procedures to guarantee that your systems can be reproduced, if needed. We can, for example, configure new servers, reinstate your email service and recover the data from our online backup system, to allow your business to run from a temporary location.

We have several options, with different levels of protection, to suit your company’s needs and fit your budget. As investment in disaster recovery planning reduces monetary losses, you may even be able to claim a discount in your business interruption insurance policy*.

* A possible discount is subject to the policies and discretion of your insurance provider.