Email Filtering

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Spam and virus issues are costing your business money. Spam corresponds to over 90% of all Internet email. If you have an unprotected or inefficient system, your employees are spending a great deal of time managing their email. Therefore, your company is losing productivity. This time alone costs an average of £1,228 per year per employee. It also uses resources such as server disk space and network bandwidth.

Our solution dramatically reduces the email traffic received by your company and the time spent by your employees in managing their email accounts. If you already have a spam filter, it will reduce the time that your IT team spends on managing spam issues.

We guarantee 99.9% spam-free and 100% virus-free email. Management is intuitive. You can edit and manage the permission lists yourself. Our technology offers close to zero false-positives, which means that all the important emails will get to you. Additionally, you can check all blocked messages at any time via a portal or via a daily summary email message.

Easy. Simple. You don’t have to be a technical expert to manage your email effectively.

As an optional feature, you can monitor or block both inbound and outbound emails by keywords. This feature makes it easier to comply with corporate usage policies. It also helps to prevent data leakage and misuse of corporate email.

Another optional feature is messaging continuity, which gives access to mailboxes through a portal and retains up to 21 days history. It guarantees your e-mail facility will keep working even if a problem affects your servers. It can integrate into your corporate DR strategy.

This email filtering is also integrated to our Hosted Exchange email service, the corporate mailbox and collaboration solution accessible from everywhere.

The risks of spam

  • Spam costs your company money. It causes losses in productivity, efficiency and quality.
  • Spam exposes your system to viruses and other malware. This may damage your workstations and make you susceptible to attack by hackers and cybercriminals and, most importantly, compromise the security of your data and ultimately of your clients’ information as well. It is important to remember that, according to the Data Protection Act, it is every company’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of its data.
  • Spam reduces the effectiveness of your network. It consumes resources, slows down your system and exposes it to threats.
  • Spam can damage your reputation. Malware may be used to steal data from your company. It may expose your clients and partners with your company potentially liable for damages.


Managerial advantages of our email filtering solution

  • You can centralise the management of the email filtering system by defining an administrator within your company to manage the permission lists and keywords.
  • You can add or remove users individually from your contract: no minimum number of users, no packages. Our service is scalable in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Change from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. There is no expensive licensing,  no renewal costs and no contractual lock-in: you can cancel with one month’s notice.
  • You can add a disclaimer to your email signature/footer and send out a clear corporate message that reassures your clients that emails received from your company are safe.


Technical advantages of hosted email filtering

SMTP traffic is “cleaned” before it reaches your server.  Advantages:

  • Frees up bandwidth on your LAN.
  • Releases resources in your email servers that would be dealing with spam (e.g. storage, bandwidth, processor).
  • Prevents DoS (denial-of-service) and other attacks which could affect your business.
  • Reduces IT management overhead: focus on real business issues, don’t waste valuable time on mechanical leg-work.
  • Makes your server less susceptible to
  • Allows you to lock down your corporate
    firewall to reduce your attack surface.


Why us?

Best-of-breed service — our comprehensive set of features is not always available from other providers.

  • Full anti-virus and anti-spam scanning.
  • Optional content filtering (e.g. swear words, racism).
  • Optional monitoring or blocking of outbound messages by keyword (e.g. name of a specific project).
  • User-managed whitelists and blacklists.
  • Up to 5 aliases per mailbox.
  • Centralised management by a user administrator, if required.
  • Corporate disclaimer/email footer.
  • Daily summary message (once or several times per day), with links to “View”, “Unjunk”, “Add to whitelist” and “Add to blacklist”.
  • Direct, on-demand user login to portal.
  • Optional messaging continuity.