File transfer

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Our file transfer service is an essential solution for those businesses that need to share files that are too large or too sensitive (e.g. contracts, financial information) to attach to emails. It is easier to manage and more privacy-conscious than standard FTP servers.

Hosted in our secure data centre, your shared files are accessible 24/7. No need for managing individual direct connections to/from each client to perform the transfer, no “business hours” limitations.

You administer your uploads through a friendly and intuitive webpage, which can be customised with your own company livery. With the easy-to-use interface, you are in total control of the features. You can create separate password-protected accounts for each of your clients. You can define permissions to allow the user to view a file (“read-only” version) , download or delete it. You may set an expiry date, to avoid mixing up different versions of a document.

You can store as many or as few files as you need. With our flexible packages, you can choose the capacity that best fits your company’s needs.