Hosted Exchange

Our Hosted Exchange solution offers an enterprise-class email service, reliable and accessible from everywhere, that will enhance the communication in your company and the productivity of your employees.

Traditionally, corporate email services are accessible only from within the company’s network, restraining employees who need to access their emails when they are away from the office. This delays response to clients and slows down daily processes that depend on this communication tool.

With Hosted Exchange, your company’s email service is hosted in our secure data centre and is therefore available 24/7. It enables employees to access their mailboxes from everywhere, at any time, in or outside the office. It gives your company more flexibility, especially if your team needs to work from home, keep in touch during business travel or while visiting a client.

Hosted Exchange works with Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile smart phones, so your employees are still connected when they are on the go.

It comes with an effective email filtering system seamlessly integrated to our service. This incurs no additional cost and protects your network from the risks of spam and viruses.

Hosted Exchange enables collaboration, allowing your employees to share calendars, contacts and folders. These tools are useful to make external appointments or holidays visible to everyone in the team and to have a central contact list of clients. It will boost your productivity.

With your corporate mailboxes being hosted by us, you guarantee that your email service is being managed by experts. It minimises the risk of downtime and brings a timely solution to any eventual technical problem. In addition, since it requires no on-site maintenance, it takes the hassle of managing this system away from your IT team and leaves them with more time to develop strategic projects to support your core business.

Moreover, to have an offsite email service ensures a perfect fit for your business continuity plan. The email server can integrate with your disaster recovery solution at no extra costs.

You can change from capital expenditure to operational expenditure: pay monthly, per user, with no equipment purchase and no up-front costs.

We operate in two different models, so you can choose which is more adequate to your needs. As an additional benefit, totally free of charge, we offer Outlook 2010 to all our users.

Option 1: Shared Server Option 2: Dedicated Server
  • Cost per user per month
  • No minimum number of users
  • No up-front investments
  • Op-ex instead of cap-ex
  • Suitable for most small companies
  • Minimum of 50 mailboxes
  • Bespoke configuration
  • Allows integration with other systems, such as CRM
  • Lower cost per mailbox
  • Suitable for slightly larger companies

Technical features of our Hosted Exchange services

  • Our Hosted Exchange services use Microsoft Exchange 2010. As an additional benefit, included in our price, we also provide Microsoft Outlook 2010 to our customers.
  • All our services are hosted in our tier 3 Data Centre, based in South London.
  • Data Centre resilience: we operate with multiple servers to increase internal resilience.
  • We use SSL or IP SEC security protocols.
  • Our Hosted Exchange servers offer guaranteed backup and recovery of mailboxes.
  • You can purchase mailboxes individually (no minimum quantities, no packages).
  • Our Outlook Anywhere access is done over secure SSL protocol.
  • Integrate with your Active Directory database.
  • Integrate with third party applications.