Online backup

With our online data backup service, you guarantee the integrity of your data through a totally automated procedure. It has some great advantages compared with manual on-site backup, such as:

  • It is automated and runs at scheduled times. No tedious backup routines, no risk of forgetting it.
  • It is easy to manage. You have access through a portal that helps you to view and access the files that have been backed up for you.
  • It requires no tapes. This eliminates the risk of data loss that is associated with the deterioration of magnetic media.
  • It is stored off-site. Your data will be safe even in case of a disaster.



Data is encrypted and transferred to our data centre using a secure network connection.  Our facility is monitored 24/7 by CCTV and is secured with door access control and intruder detection alarm systems. Encryption ensures that your data will not be accessible by unauthorised personnel.


Disaster recovery

Having your data fully backed up remotely to your office facilitates the process of recovering data in case of a disaster. If integrated with a disaster recovery plan, our online backup service will dramatically reduce downtime and allow your business to resume its activities sooner.

ER Information Systems has know-how and experience in deploying Disaster Recovery solutions. To find out more please click here.