Virtual desktop

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Our virtual desktop is a smart solution that allows you to have all the functionalities of a physical workstation in the most cost-effective way, where you pay monthly, proportional to your usage.  It requires little upfront investment, no expensive licences, no capital expenditure.

Most importantly, a virtual desktop requires no on-site maintenance and is updated securely by our experts, leaving your IT team free to focus on your real business issues. It is accessible from everywhere, giving you and your employees mobility to work remotely with the same efficiency as if you were in the office. You can access your virtual desktop from any computer, including netbooks. Moreover, if you store your files in your virtual desktop, instead of locally in your physical computer, your data is safe and sound even if the computer is lost or stolen.

With a virtual desktop, you can avoid hardware upgrades, as you may enhance features of your virtual computer by simply paying an incremental fee.

Moreover, this solution will let you benefit from a more efficient software licencing model. You pay monthly per user for Microsoft Office licences. Different versions of Office are available (Home and Business and Professional). It gives you flexibility to customise each virtual desktop with only the software that is needed. You save money as you pay just for the applications you really use. It is easy to add or remove applications to your system and you can always have the latest versions of them available.

What is a virtual desktop?

The best way of understanding a virtual desktop is to think of it as a computer with all the capabilities of a normal one, such as hard drive and memory; however, instead of being physically installed in your office, it is hosted in our data centre. It is accessible via the Internet or dedicated connection by using any computer (it does not require a modern or particularly fast workstation). You may use a thin client hardware device, which is a simplified computer, that connects you to the virtual desktop. The advantage of a thin client is that it requires no upgrades and costs much less than a traditional computer.

Your virtual desktop will open in a window and appear to you as just any other computer. You can even work at your virtual and local desktop simultaneously, without needing to log off or restart your computer. Moreover, your virtual machine can be easily integrated with other cloud-based solutions.

Advantages of virtual desktops

By adopting this solution, you gain improved access to your IT resources with a more cost-effective model. See the main reasons to change:

1. Op-ex instead of cap-ex

Virtual desktops are charged per user per month.  You don’t need to make any significant upfront investment in hardware or software.

2. Saving money

  • Your employees can use their existing workstations or laptops for accessing their virtual desktops.
  • The existing machines used will not require upgrades to run this solution. It increases your workstations’ life cycle.
  • With our virtual platform, if you need to expand, you can simply purchase a thin client, instead of a more expensive workstation.
  • Virtual desktops require no on-site maintenance by your staff.
  • You pay for your software licences per user per month. You pay only for the applications you really use and have them installed just for the employees that really need them.
  • You can have the latest versions of the software available without having to pay any extra.

 3. Access from everywhere

Your virtual desktops are accessible from everywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. They allow your team to work remotely with efficiency and integrated to your office’s network. This solution is particularly beneficial for professional services providers, who need to be out of the office constantly, and for companies with a mobile sales force or technical team.