We provide knowledgeable and independent advice to improve your IT infrastructure and business workflow. You may be searching for a specific solution for a recurrent problem or developing a new project that will need to be powered by appropriate technology. Whatever the issue or the size of the project, we will help you find the best solution.

Our Consultancy service is ideal for those situations when you need to make significant changes in your system. Our team will guide you through these challenges, helping your company to avoid unnecessary costs and find the most effective solution in a timely manner.

 We can help you to:

  • reduce costs in IT.
  • eliminate your frustrations by listening to your needs.
  • implement new systems such as CRM, Accounting, email and archiving.
  • find a definitive solution to a recurring or persistent problems.
  • investigate new ways of using IT to improve your business operations.
  • procure the best products for your requirements.
  • improve scalability and optimise your resources with virtualisation.
  • create a Disaster Recovery plan.
  • plan your business continuity.

Our consultancy service is not tied into any of our additional services. It is totally independent.


Virtualisation is a modern solution that will optimise your IT resources, making it easier and cheaper to scale them. Instead of having one physical server for each purpose (e-mail, data, specific applications), in a virtual environment you can have several independent virtual servers in just one physical host machine. You can either have virtual servers on your own premises or we can host them for you in our highly secure datacentre.

ER Information Systems can appraise your IT infrastructure and offer a bespoke solution that will be perfect for your company’s needs.

Advantages of virtualisation:

  • Easy to scale. The process of creating a new virtual machine is comparable to creating a new folder on your computer.  Your company won’t need to purchase new hardware every time it needs to scale its IT resources. If required, your physical host machine, which contains your virtual servers, can be easily upgraded and it will only cost a fraction of the price of a new physical server.
  •   Requires fewer physical resources. Every piece of hardware requires appropriate infrastructure to function (physical space for storage, cooling system, stable power supply). Since you can host several independent virtual servers in only one host machine, the infrastructure required will be reduced, if compared with an environment with multiple physical machines.
  •  Easy integration with other Cloud solutions. In a virtual environment, each separate server functions similar to the way a file or folder on your computer does, allowing you to easily copy or move them to a different location. This flexibility makes it easy to backup your servers or replicate them as part of a disaster recovery solution.
  •  Move your servers to the Cloud.  After virtualising your servers, you can simplify your IT infrastructure by hosting them in our Cloud. With this option, you can avoid costs with hardware acquisition and eliminate the hassle of maintenance altogether. We will charge you a monthly fee for hosting your virtual servers and will take care of everything for you.


Virtual versus Physical

If your company has its own email and file servers hosted in-house, you already know how time-consuming maintenance can be. Having several physical machines requires space and resources such as appropriate cooling and stable power supply. Periodical replacement is costly and scaling up means not only buying new equipment but making sure that the infrastructure can support the new hardware acquired, not to mention more time spent in maintenance.

As technology evolves, having physical servers means that your backup and disaster recovery options are limited to the alternatives that are compatible to your physical solution. It is like using VHS in the DVD/ Blu-Ray era.