Clients’ Comments

We believe that a good parameter to measure our performance is to listen to what our clients think about the way we work and if they are happy with the service we provide.

Here is some feedback we received from our clients:

ER Information Systems are a very valuable resource for our IT department. They are able to focus time and attention to develop projects that are important to ourcompany and that otherwise would not be treated with the sense of priority they require. We also tap into ER Information Systems’ wide-ranging expertise to find solutions to complex problems without disrupting our work routine.

We have been working with the ER team for five years and we believe that their high-level skills and their experience with multiple clients is a great asset to our company. ER have assisted us with many small-scale and large-scale projects, both in the UK and in our offices across the globe. Email/file management, email/file archiving and disaster recovery are important areas they help us with.

Email is a key business tool for our company and ER are continuously helping us to implement more effective tools and methods to make our systems efficient, highly available and resilient.

As a multinational company operating in a competitive environment and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, technology is more than a means to an end. We have to adhere to strict regulatory practices and offer our end users best of breed technology. We select carefully the companies/engineers that work with us. We trust the services provided by ER and as a client, we would be happy to provide a direct reference.

X. Z., IT Director of one of the main European Private Equity organisations

We have been working with ER Information Systems Ltd for two years as our IT partner, helping us implement new solutions and technology.They are very professional with an outstanding and broad knowledge of the industry which enables us to make the right decisions for our business and therefore makes a direct contributionto our success.

David Scott, Owner, Scott’s Tours

We upgraded from standard webmail to Microsoft Exchange a while ago and we have never looked back since. ER Information Systems guided us through the migration and(continue to) host our exchange service. This has made a huge improvement to communication and organisation within our company.

Because of the reliability of the service we haven’t had much need for the support, but we have called regarding other issues or for general advice. On theseoccasions the support has been excellent and we’ve not been left with lingering doubts or issues unresolved.

Overall, we are very happy with the service ER Information Systems has provided for us and would wholeheartedly recommend their service to others.

Daniel Conitzer, Manager, King’s Road Sporting Club

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